Patient information

We want to make your stay in hospital as comfortable as is possible. If you have a query that isn’t addressed below, please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff at any time.

Pre Admission

Your Doctor will arrange the date of your admission to Hospital

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Staff work closely with other health care providers, the patient and their family/carers to ensure the transition back to home on discharge is smooth and successful. Discharge planning commences on admission and the early identification of needs following hospitalisation allows for prompt arrangement of services and support. There are numerous services available in the community that may assist patients following discharge—District Nursing, Palliative Care, Meals on Wheels, Home Help. Staff can arrange these if required. Discharge time is 10:00am. An additional charge may be incurred for late discharge. A Discharge Management Sheet with any medications you are currently taking, scripts and future appointments will be provided before leaving. As your opinions and feedback are important to us, you may also be asked to participate in a Satisfaction Survey following your return home.

Personal Needs

This depends largely on the length of your stay. You may need: Pyjamas or nightgowns, dressing gown and slippers, toiletries and incontinence aids if required. (Hospital pyjamas and nightgowns are provided only in emergencies) For longer stays, day clothes and well fitting shoes may be preferred.


  • Medicare Card
  • Private Health Insurance Membership Card
  • Pension or repatriation Entitlement Card, if applicable.
  • Full details of employer, insurance company and claim number if your admission is a Work cover or TAC claim

Pharmacy Supplies

Please bring your current medications. Pharmaceuticals required for the treatment of pre-existing medical conditions and those prescribed on the day of discharge are not included in the accommodation fee and are an additional charge to the patient.


We do not accept responsibility for valuables and personal belongings unless they are deposited for safe keeping and the Valuables Register Declaration signed. Patients are advised not to bring jewellery or large sums of money to the hospital as provisions for safe custody are limited.


The Hospital provides a selective, quality menu and supplies special diets where this is in the interests of your medical care.

No Smoking

Euroa Health – its buildings and outdoor areas - is a non-smoking environment.


Alcohol can be consumed on site with the express permission of a medical practitioner or management.


Mail is delivered daily to the Hospital and distributed during the morning to rooms.


Arrange for your daily paper or other reading material to be delivered to you by contacting the Euroa Newsagency prior to admission.


A charge of $5.50 per load is applicable if family or friends are unable to assist with personal laundry. All clothing must be named.


Available free to private patients but public patients will be charged $5.50 per day or $30.00 per week.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are 10:00am - 8:00pm. Visiting children must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for their supervision. Patients may choose not to see a visitor in which case the Nurse Unit Manager should be informed. Relatives may stay with critically ill patients for extended periods subject to certain medical and other considerations; such as the needs of other patients and the facilities available.

Available Facilities

There is a waiting area for family and friends and staff will assist if required. There is also an area designated for visitors and family to make hot drinks. The Friends of Euroa Hospital Auxiliary also visit with a trolley for purchase of small items each Monday and Thursday.

Phone Calls

Telephones are provided in all rooms. The direct dial number for each room is marked on the phone situated on the bedside locker. Friends and family may contact patients directly on this number.

Private Patients: Local calls are not charged but all distance and mobile calls will be billed to the patient.

Public Patients will be charged for all calls. Costs incurred should be paid at reception prior to Discharge.

We request that all visitors and patients use their mobiles or receive calls discreetly. To avoid unnecessary noise and disruption, please turn down your phone or turn to vibrate only.

Payment of Accounts

Patients are required to pay their accounts on the day of discharge. Arrangements can be made to claim Hospital Benefits on your behalf, in which case the balance of the account is to be paid. If you have no private health insurance or overseas insurance, payment by estimated cost (by credit card, bank cheque or cash) will be required on admission.