About Us

Euroa Health Incorporated is a not-for-profit charity (public benevolent institution) providing a range of health and aged care services including Acute Care, Aged Care, Allied Health and Day Therapy Services.   The range of health and aged care services are funded variously by private, public and community means. We currently employ about 120 staff and enjoy the support of 100 volunteers.

Euroa Health operates in the Strathbogie Shire approximately 1 ½ hours by car north of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



Let’s Keep Euroa Healthy

We are an historic institution and major employer. We meet or exceed all health and aged care quality standards, and we do this whilst staying attuned to our impact on the social determinants of health. Our policy framework is influenced by knowledge of our rural community, our role as a major employer, and our responsibility to help strengthen community systems of caring and functioning.


Euroa Health is situated on a large block of land in Euroa which comprises a number of buildings including the acute hospital, administration, allied health services and residential aged care services. The Hospital is a 24 hour/day 24 bed facility. Euroa Health’s community day programs are temporarily located in the town centre and will be relocated back to the main site once the capital redevelopment is completed. Our residential aged care units provide 24 hour a day care. The current construction of “GraniteHill” Aged Care Facility adjoining the hospital will upgrade our residential facilities and add communal spaces as well as amenities such as a hairdresser, café, men’s den and small and large recreational areas. This new, modern and comfortable 75 bed facility will place a focus on our approach to Ageing Well in Euroa.


In addition to our hospital and aged care services, we auspice or coordinate a wide range of allied and community services.  Information specific to each service can be found by clicking on the menu at the top of the screen.

Our Community

Euroa and district is socially cohesive and ‘does things’. Volunteering is well above national and state trends, and Euroa Health is a major beneficiary of volunteering. There is a strong community ethic of individual, family and community independence. Euroa Health Inc. is a major contributor to, and enabler of social connection and cohesiveness.


Euroa Health’s mission is to achieve excellence in the provision of health services to the community within the Shire of Strathbogie and its surrounds


Euroa Health Inc. is governed by a Board made up of residents with a range of financial, business, community and health sector expertise. Mr. Jim Perry is the current Chairman. Board committees consist of Board members and co-opted community members.