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Compliments, Complaints and Suggestions

We hope our clients are satisfied with the quality of our care and service, however please feel free to make suggestions on how we could improve. You can let us know about problems, pass on a compliment or give us some suggestions for improvement. Compliments can be passed on directly from you to the staff member or team – you help make our day! Alternatively you could write a note and leave it or post it. Posted compliments are noted by the Manager and passed on to named staff.

However hard it is, we do also want to know if we have let you down. It may be a small issue that you just want to bring to our attention as a suggestion, or it might be something that you feel strongly about – in which case we need to thoroughly understand your perspective and look at what happened. Complaints are a part of the mechanism for our continual improvement.

Complaints can be made in a number of ways:

For issues which require immediate attention, speak directly to the health professional caring for you or your relative. This will not interfere in any adverse way with the provision of care or treatment.
You could also talk or write to the Manager of the area concerned, or complete an Improvement Form located in the foyer of each Department or available for download here and place it in the Feedback boxes.

Alternatively, our brochures have a "Comments" section which you can complete and leave at reception, post to the CEO, or leave in the Feedback boxes.

You may wish to write directly to the CEO outlining the situation and your complaint or concern.

If required, an interpreter service is available at no extra cost.

To ensure we can fully respond and resolve your complaint or suggestion, please provide your contact details.

Your confidentiality will be maintained at all times in accordance with the Confidentiality and Privacy Policies of Euroa Health Inc

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Residential Care Rights

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Office of the Public Advocate

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Health Compaint Commissioner

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